Guiding Star

In the best-known images of Edmund Hillary, he stands at the summit of Everest beside his guide, Tenzing Sherpa, broad grins filling both their faces.

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Mountains to Climb

Born in 1961, little was expected of a girl like Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, the first Nepali woman to summit Everest. She was raised in one of Nepal’s lower ethnic minorities and received no formal education. But a woman on the mountain finds her own power.

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pasang lhamu sherpa

Tips for Trekkers

Journey length, terrain, remoteness, and elevation changes are all things to consider when planning your trip. You’ll also be asking when to go, what to take, and can you go it alone. Start here.

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A Sherpa Pioneer

Ang Tshiring Sherpa was an aviation and hospitality entrepreneur who emerged from a Himalayan hamlet to redefine travel in Nepal—founding Mountain Lodges of Nepal along the way.

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