Dining al Fresco

outdoor dining with mountain view

In the crisp morning light, you’ll break warm gurung bread alongside fellow guests, sharing a table with the world’s best views.

At Mountain Lodges of Nepal, community begins at Happy Hour, when guests gather on the grassy terrace for drinks and foot massages as the sun sets over the mountains. Dinner itself is usually served in a warm and distinctive main room, where a great fire is lit, a hearty meal is laid out on a long wooden table—classic Nepalese fare, dumplings or rice with lentils and vegetables from the organic garden. After dinner, musical instruments may come out and festivities may well spill back out into the garden, under a billion stars. Almost throughout the season, breakfast is enjoyed outside.

Experience this at:

lodge with mountain view

Deboche Lodge

3820m ( 12,533 ft)

lodge exterior

Birethanti Lodge

1097m ( 3,599 ft)

front garden with mountain view

Tomijong Lodge

1432m ( 4,698 ft)

outdoor seating with mountain view

Landruk Lodge

1639m ( 5,377 ft)

outdoor seating with mountain view

Ghandruk Lodge

1981m ( 6,499 ft)