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Thame Lodge

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Nestled under the protective gaze of Thame Monastery, this cozy retreat surrounded by snowy white peaks is so mesmerizingly beautiful, you may never want to leave.

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Everest RegionThame Lodge

Thame is a small, quiet mountain valley, once part of the famous, ancient Tibetan salt trade route, still largely untouched by the effects of modern civilization. The Thame lodge lies on the outskirts of town, exquisitely nestled between a snowy ridge on one side and the face of Sumdur Mountain on the other, clinging to which—two hundred meters above the valley—is the fifteenth century Thame Monastery.

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Warm and Relaxing

There are 18 guest rooms, either king-size or twin bed, decorated in traditional-Khumbu-meets-minimalist-modern style, with natural wood walls for a warm and relaxing feel. Bedding is heated, and a thermos of hot, boiled water is provided, for a nice cup of tea. But each room’s essential feature is the stunning window view, which includes Everest, Thamserku, and Kusum Khanguru peaks.


Spiritual, Playful

Thame Lodge offers all the comforts of the MLN collection even in this small, sparse and remote locale. A sense of the spiritual abides here. The large lounge and dining hall embrace a traditional monastery aesthetic, with fresh flowers, and walls covered in large Buddhist murals and thangkas. The high ceiling space has a translucent roof that lets in ample sunlight all day long—ideal for group yoga practice, or private meditation.

Experiences Nearby

monastery entrance

Approaching a working monastery certain sounds begin to fill the air: the fluttering of prayer flags, the hum of monks chanting in unison, the periodic blowing of a traditional trumpet, the crashing of cymbals and the thud of ritual drums.

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Mani Rimdu festival

Did you pack a party dress? In October, Thame monastery hosts the vibrant Mani Rimdu Festival—the highest masked dance festival in the world.

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himalaya trail

Looking for peace? Some days of the year, Everest can feel like a traffic jam, the northeast road from Namche toward Everest Base Camp is busy with tourists and locals alike.

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The remote little village is where Tenzing Norgay Sherpa grew up—Indeed, Thame and the nearby villages, are the origin of many famous Everest summiteers and guides. It remains the home of Apa Sherpa, who held the world record for Everest summits, and Ang Rita Sherpa, “the snow leopard”. There must be something in the water! You can visit Tenzing Norgay’s childhood home in a short walk around Thame, before or after heading up to Sumdur Ridge or the monastery.


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