For over 30 years, Mountain Lodges of Nepal have provided warmth, hospitality, and guidance on the trekkers’ journeys. Honoring the traditions of mountain hospitality, we continue to strive for an excellent stay. On our mission to redefine high-end tourism along Nepal’s Great Himalayan Trails, we cater to tourists who bring quality back to our communities and seek meaningful journeys.

Nepal Evergreen

MLN proudly collaborates with Nepal Evergreen, a dedicated partner sharing our vision for environmental conservation and sustainable community development.

Nepal Evergreen, a project organized by the volunteer-based Juniper Trust, operates with zero overheads or costs. Our goal is to plant 100,000 fruit trees in Nepal, which will absorb up to 50,000 tons of CO2 gases during their lifespan. By utilizing our dedicated volunteers in Nepal, we efficiently minimize expenses and achieve an exceptional cost-to-carbon offset ratio. With a donation of just $20, you can potentially offset 4 tons of carbon throughout the lifetime of our project.

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Barista Training

Mountain Lodges of Nepal with Pasang Lhamu Foundation’s organized Barista and Service Training program “Learn to Earn” in Lukla, giving free vocational training to local mountaineers and their families, impacted by the COVID pandemic.

Additionally we provide a rent-free space to the foundation to run a café in our Lukla lodge where all the earnings from this café go to the foundation.


Serving food that’s not only delicious but also healthy and sustainable!

With the farm-to-table concept, we source most of our ingredients from our own garden or from nearby areas through partnerships with local farmers to ensure that the produce is fresh, free of harmful chemicals, and contributes to supporting the local economy. Such acts of sourcing locally have helped us to reduce our carbon footprint significantly

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved – our guests get to savor farm-fresh flavors while supporting a responsible food system.

Empowering Local Community

78.35% of our employees originate from the nearby communities surrounding our lodges in the Everest and Annapurna regions. Our aim is to increase that rate to 90% in the coming days. In addition to hiring, we provide the employees with relevant training to help develop their skills. This will enable them to engage in income-generating activities in the long run. Our initiative to hire local residents has helped to alleviate the area’s severe unemployment problem. Also, to enhance the efficiency of women and create equal employment opportunities throughout the region, our workforce includes 33% of women.

In the areas where companies tend to pay their staff less, we have implemented Labor Law in our work ecosystem, ensuring that our staff has all the benefits secured by the Government of Nepal.

Guest-Driven Impact

Our guests become an integral part of responsible tourism during their stay here. One of our guests contributed financially to building the entire trekking route from Thame to Kongde in the Everest region which has helped to ease the daily lives of people in the nearby community.

Furthermore, in the Annapurna region, a rice mill and water tank were built under the grant provided by our guests and the active mothers’ committee of Tomijung village.

In our journey in uplifting the local communities around us, we include activities in our itinerary that are entirely led by the inspiring women in the Ama Samuha (Mothers’ Committee).

When the entire world is facing a severe crisis of climate change, we realize the importance of every action we take and its consequences equally. We are all guardians of the Himalayas. At Mountain Lodges of Nepal, we take that role seriously and it’s our mission to build an ecosystem of responsible and sustainable tourism by uplifting the communities and reducing carbon footprint whenever possible.

We hope you will join us on our development mission—perhaps our most ambitious journey.