The Famous Dumpling

A crispy and golden exterior broken with a deliciously loud, crunchy bite, sending forth a cloud of steam.

Inside is a ball of light and spicy buffalo mince. It is the rightfully famous Nepali dumpling, the momo. Add some fiery sauce to bring a punch to your mouth, and a bottle of Gorkha beer, and there’s nothing like it. For some of the best in the Everest region, try the kitchen at Kailash Resort. Just a few minutes away from the Mountain Lodges of Nepal Phakding, this gastronomic escapade has a view almost equal to that of your lodge. Ask staff to call ahead for an order of chicken or buffalo momo and shaphaley—large, flat, fried Tibetan dumplings.

Experience this at:

mountain lodge

Namche Lodge

3440m ( 11,286 ft)

Phakding Lodge

2610m ( 8,563 ft)