A Gurung Celebration

gurung dancing

The insistent drumbeat echoes under the starlit sky as Gurung ladies sway to its rhythm, in red velvet tops with heavy beads, nose rings and big gold earrings framing bold smiles.

The men stamp in their white jama skirts, waistcoats and topi hats, curved khukri knives glinting on their waists. A cup of the local chang homebrew is pressed into your hands. You drink! The fire crackles. This celebration in your honor at Mountain Lodge of Nepal Landruk is a moving example of the warm, mountain Gurung welcome. With generous honorariums, the Mountain lodges are able to support local dancers and keep alive authentic cultural performances—while immersing you in their rich world. You may go to sleep a bit late tonight, but it will be worth it!

Experience this at:

outdoor seating with mountain view

Landruk Lodge

1639m ( 5,377 ft)

outdoor seating with mountain view

Ghandruk Lodge

1981m ( 6,499 ft)

Majgaon Lodge

1408m ( 4,619 ft)