Of Goats & Brandy

apple farm and apply brandy

Slate alleys polished over the years by mountain goats and herders alike, and a pace of life that has no sense of hurry—this is Marpha, quintessential Mustang village.

Visitors can walk past the generations-old, whitewashed stone homes with wooden doors and windows painted in green, blue and orange, up to Marpha monastery for a bird’s eye view of town. Note the unique flat mud roofs where so much of daily life takes place, from drying crops, to sieving rice and grain, to children at play and adults soaking up the sun. The iconic Marphak Apple Brandy’s orchard is nearby, too. Considered a pioneer of the apple farming that the region is famous for, the expansive orchard still has many of its first trees, now quite large and decades old. Staff is usually happy to offer visitors a slice of the crisp apple and a sip of the good stuff.