Exploring Nepali Art

art museum in Kathmandu

Amongst the teeming shops and cafes of Thamel, Kathmandu’s vibrant hub for world travelers, don’t miss the Museum of Nepali Art.

MONA is hidden away in a quiet basement of the iconic Kathmandu Guesthouse. Carefully curated and lovingly collected by the owner, Rajan Sakya, this shrine to Nepal’s thriving traditional and contemporary art scene includes an eclectic range of paintings, sculpture, videos and artifacts. Opened in 2020, the space is beautifully lit and temperature controlled, with QR codes and iPads to better appreciate each exquisite work. Don’t miss the fine brushstroke on Lok Chitrakar’s Chakrasamvara thanka and the gilded silver Buddhist amulet (prayer box) with carved corals. Arrange your visit online at mona.com.np. Follow up with a delicious Nepali thali lunch in the oasis garden of the Kathmandu Guesthouse.

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