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Kasara Chitwan

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This tropical jewel on the edge of Nepal’s first national park is an unforgettable wildlife adventure for lovers and family.

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Historically, Chitwan was the hunting ground for Nepal’s royal family. Since 1973, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has been the heart of the country’s wildlife conservation effort, where endangered tiger and rhino populations have made a comeback. Birdsong fills the air throughout Kasara's lush landscape, a seamless blend of contemporary minimalism and local materials, airy and washed in light.

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Private cottages, Lounge Pools

Private cottages lie beyond wooden walkways over pools filled with wild water plants. Each includes a cozy lounge, a large bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, and an airy bathroom with open rain shower. Two private villas hidden at the end of the property offer even greater privacy and amenities: three bedrooms and bathrooms, a lounge, a kitchenette with a dining table, and private lounge pools.


Poolside Day Beds

The resort’s gorgeous swimming pool, shaded by tall trees and thick greenery, is the heart of the Kasara scene. After a morning filled with safari, meditation, spa or massage sessions, the pool is the perfect spot to beat the tropical heat. Lounging on one of the curtained day beds, cocktail in hand, makes an enviable Instagram post. Every evening during Happy Hour, the pool turns into a stage for a cultural show by the local Tharu community. You can dine here, too. With advance notice, Kasara excellent chefs will prepare a poolside barbeque, just for you!

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Experiences Nearby

Come trail a naturalist on a jungle hike through the forest, with whom sightings of rhinos, crocodiles and monkeys are common amidst the rich foliage.

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Yoga at daybreak, Kasara Chitwan: a symphony of birdsong accompanies the morning sun, bathing your deck in a warm glow. Your sun salutation has been answered in kind...

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rare birds in chitwan national park

Chitwan safaris are famous for its larger endangered wildlife, but the park is also a rare treat for birders.

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This escape to nature is only 20 minutes of flight time from Kathmandu. Make sure to request a seat on the side of the plane with views of the north. If the airline does not have assigned seats, find one on the right hand side isle. This way, you can goggle at Nepal’s plains, valleys, river gorges and Himalayan peaks all through the flight.


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