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mountain village
mountain village

Named one of the prettiest towns of Asia by CNN Travel, the high-altitude village of Ghandruk is a unique slice of Himalayan life.

It is the homeland of the Gurung people, who after centuries wandering Mongolia, Tibet and China, established themselves in the Annapurnas 1,500 years ago. With a culture of courage, bravery and integrity, the Gurung comprised the core of the British Army’s fierce Gurkha regiment. Nowadays this welcoming town of 5,000 includes Hindus, Brahmin, Chhetri, Magar, Damai, Kami and Saarki people. On a stroll through its cobbl streeteds you’ll explore shops, teahouses, home farms full of children, horses, and chickens, a small museum, and a monastery—the source of the daily chanting you can hear all over town.

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