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Rhinos, tigers, and elephants, oh my! This tropical wilderness is one of the best national parks in Asia for abundant rare species, and the ultimate family wildlife adventure.


Chitwan National Park, the crown jewel of Nepal’s wildlife conservation, was established in 1973 as the country’s first national park and earned the UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1984. But even well into the twentieth century, the thick tropical wilderness was still a tiger and rhino hunting ground for Nepal’s rulers. Today, it still has Nepal’s largest concentration of tigers and rhinos, but the only shooting allowed is with cameras. To truly experience Chitwan, one should explore it by both land and water, with luxurious Kasara as base camp.

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Kasara offers a range of powerful activities and interactions with local culture. Join naturalists on jungle safaris, traveling by foot, canoe, bike, jeep, and the occasional elephant. Take a scenic trip down the Rapti River in a dugout canoe made from a single tree, sighting various bird and crocodile species alongside the banks. Trail a naturalist on a jungle hike through the Chitwan forest, with whom sightings of deer and monkeys are common amidst the rich foliage. Hop onto a jeep for an adventurous tour tracking and photographing the lesser-spotted denizens; one-horned rhinos, Royal Bengal tigers, leopards, and sloth bears.

There’s more: join the effort to preserve Nepal’s own crocodile species from extinction. Cycle your way around the edges of the national park, visiting nearby Tharu villages. Take an ox cart tour of a Tharu village and learn about their culture. Staying on the property, try the spa for an influx of Pranic energy, and a range of rejuvenating services, delivered with an exclusive line of products. Take a massage based on the traditional wisdom of Himalayan healers, rooted in natural law that balances the bodily elements. Lounge by the pool, sample the farm-to-table fare from Kasara’s acclaimed kitchens.

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