Historic Bandipur

explore 18th century newari village

A single flagstone street smoothed by centuries of village life, flanked by ancient temples and handsome homes whose balconies spill over with crimson bougainvillea, all set against magnificent valley views.

The time-capsule village of Bandipur is utter charm. Perched on a 1000-meter saddle high above the Kathmandu-Pokhara road, it was once an important spot on the India–Tibet trade route. Now it’s a living museum of 18th-century Newari life. You won’t find mass tourism or even motorized vehicles here. The lack of tooting horns adds to the sense of peace and leisure. Bandipur is the perfect place to pass a pleasant afternoon. Wander down its broad single street, the Bazaar, stopping in at cafés and shops. You’ll see villagers go about their daily life, and only the occasional tourist. Visit the numerous temples, or a silk factory, where you can see silkworms at work. At lunchtime, sample local Nawari fare at Samay Baji, or relax with momos and coffee or cocktails at the Himalayan Café, whose back terrace offers mountain views.