Deep in Siddha Cave

exploring a cave

At almost 500m deep, 50m high in places, Siddha Cave is the largest cave in Nepal, and the second largest in all of Asia. It is known as the place where the Siddha Baba found enlightenment.

The cave lies a two-hour downhill walk from Bandipur—so count on a good workout hiking back! Adventurous types can abseil down through the roof of the cave 'Mission Impossible'-style. For everyone else, Rs200 gets you a 45-minute torchlight tour with a guide, who will lead you past stalactites and stalagmites on a gradual descent into successive chambers via a series of ladders and ropes. In the dark, you’ll hear bats chattering, mice moving, and water flowing. Take note, even with walking shoes, it can be quite slippery inside. Deep inside the cave lives a Hindu ascetic, chanting alone in the atmospheric gloom.